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REsources / Links


American Guild of Organists - the largest pipe organ organization in the world. They produce The American Organist monthly publication, offer educational resources, hold regional and national conventions, and have local chapters all over North America.

A Young Persons Guide to the Pipe Organ

Organ Historical Society, Pipe Organ Database

The Diapason

APOBA - American Pipe Organ Builders Association. 

Orgelkids USA - an amazing educational program designed around a build-able miniature pipe organ that actually works!


Pipedreams - How a pipe organ works

Oddmusic - hear organs that make sounds from beer bottles, stalactites, and even the ocean! All kinds of other interesting instruments can be heard here.

Wisconsin Alliance for Composers (WAC) - an extensive dictionary of organ terminology, performance and extended techniques, and compositional assistance for organ writing. 

The Pipe Organ and Realtime Digital Signal Processing - written by Andrew Blackburn. An excellent and organized source of techniques and repertoire pertaining to modern and post-modern organ works. There is also a downloadable PDF.